Insect-based dog food

Nutritious - Allergy friendly - Climate smart

Helfoder Complete food for adult dogs One-time purchase or subscription from 19,80 € BUY NOW Helfoder Complete dog food for puppies Tailored recipe for next generation and nursing mothers Submit interest Expected May/June 2021 Helfoder Help us develop our next product Based on research and input from our customers and vets READ MORE / HELP US Helfoder Dental sticks for better oral care The world's first insect-based dental stick Submit interest Expected summer 2021

We are a Swedish company loving insects!

We sell complete food for adult dogs, puppies (soon) and dental sticks (soon) with protein from insects and other natural and carefully selected ingredients. Try with a one-time purchase or experience all benefits with a subscription!


Only the best ingredients for your dog

Our dog food is rich in protein from insects and packed with antioxidants and vitamins from vegetables, fruits and superfoods like cranberries!

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Dog food developed with love and science

“Insects are a high quality, hypoallergenic source of protein – completely free from antibiotics and growth hormones”

Dr Nicky Sluczanowski
FUNCiFURs Veterinary Team

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Enjoy the planet and dog benefits from our insect-based complete dog food

Happy healthy dog – happy healthy planet

Insects do not only come with benefits for your dog, they are also a sustainable source of protein!

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